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Dear All - wishing you and yours a healthy and happy 2018!

Our Spring term commences on Tuesday 9 January and concludes on Tuesday 20 March. Half term will be on Tuesday 13 February, and there will therefore be five sessions before and five sessions after half term.

At a weekly rate of £3, the full term's subscription for the ten weeks is £30. Members have the choice of either paying the full subscription at the beginning of term, or of paying by two equal instalments of £15 - the first at the beginning of term, and the second immediately after half term.

The due date for Spring 2018 full and first instalment subscriptions is Tuesday 9 January, and it would therefore be appreciated if Members would arrange payment before or on that date.

Method of payment - The preferred method of payment is by bank transfer to Milton Keynes Community Choir account. See e-mail dated 1st Jan 2018 for BACS transfer details. However, payment by cheque (in preference to cash) or cash can still be made on Tuesday rehearsal nights, when the Membership Secretary (Sue Whistler) or her representative will be available. Please note that cheques should be made out in full to Milton Keynes Community Choir.

Thanking you all for your support,

Alasdair MacIver

Most of the lyrics and songs we have practiced and performed are still available on the website. Anything new from Craig or the committee will be added until such time as the site maintenance can be handed onto a new webmaster.

N.B. if using a tablet to play then can I request downloading it to a PC first then use the relevant software to transfer it the tablet e.g. with an iPad use iTunes. It i also possible to create a CD just using Windows 7 etc software. Eg. Find the file in Explorer. Open up Windows media player, click on the tab "Burn CD", drag files across from Windows explorer into the Medi Player. Click on "Burn" button. You will have put a blank CD in by this time!

Best regards, Philip C (Tenor)

Using This Web Site: The following web site links and pages are only accessible to choir members.



[Practices] This contains current recording of songs being practiced. They often contain commentary by Craig on how best to sing a given part
[Performances] These are live recordings and will include coughs, splutters and loud clapping. You might also hear noises from the audience.

This contains a list of most songs undertaken by the choir since it's inception in 2008.It is particularly useful to new choir members by giving an idea of the range of music we attempt. It also contains lyrics in PDF format and Craig's "backing tracks" for SATB (also available on Craig's "store and share" web site..

NB All of Craig's S-A-T-B backing tracks have now been tagged for MP3 players (10May12)

Saving Files: You might want to save files to either listen to on your computer or MP3 player (The files are tagged with album details etc.).
In most "Browsers", usually right click and "save target as" to a directory of choice.
The files are mp3 (Variable bit rate standard), which gives the highest standard for file size, compatible with most machines


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